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International Day of Forest
By: Admin    March 20 2018 , 01:51 pm
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Category: Nature , Urban Gardens
On March 21st we celebrate International Day of Forest! The first International Day of Forest was established in 2012 and celebrated by the United Nations General Assembly in 2013. This day helps raise awareness of the importance of trees.2018’s Theme: Forest and Sustainable CitiesEach year, a theme is selected by the Collaborative Partnership on Forest (CPF). The theme for 2018 is “Forest and Sustainable Cities.”Some of the key points in this year’s message are to spread the importance of trees in an urban setting. Just because you live in an urban setting does not mean your accessibility to green life needs to decrease! Trees and plants store carbon, which means they reduce the pollution in highly populated areas and filter out harmful particles, producing cleaner air.Have you ever wandered off into the shade on a hot day? That is because the temperature is likely two to eight degrees cooler ...
New Urbanism: Restoring City Living
By: Admin    July 12 2017 , 09:32 am
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Consider city life that feels more like the country, and neighborhoods designed to give their inhabitants access to everything — without a car!  ‘New Urbanism’ is an architectural movement springing up throughout the world that centers on an eco-friendly approach to urban living. The nostalgia of beautiful architecture is enough for some to embrace this neotraditional development approach, but for others, it is all about the innovations designed to save energy.   What are the benefits of New Urbanism that have increased people opting for this change? A Touch of TraditionTraditionalist or not, New Urbanism holds a sweet spot in the hearts of a growing number of city dwellers.  Designed to mirror the early 20th century town, these neighborhoods are built or renovated for increased walkability, so that residences, schools, restaurants etc., are all in close proximity.With the p...