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5 Plants that Benefit from Wildfires
By: Admin    September 25 2017 , 11:01 am
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Benevolent Wildfires? With wildfires currently plaguing the western United States, one wonders if any good can come from these natural disasters. History and science show that wildfires are not only beneficial for multiple ecosystems, but are actually necessary for the survival of several species of plants and animals.There are some plants that rely on fires for seed germination and others that benefit from the nutrients of the burnt greenery and added sunlight in the aftermath of the fire. Below is a list of five different types of trees and flowers that – like the mythical phoenix – rely on fire to rise from the ashes.Eucalyptus TreesEucalyptus trees first came to California from Australia in the mid-19th century. Sealed with resin, the fruits of the eucalyptus trees are reluctant to disperse their seeds. Although fire would seem harmful to the life of eucalyptus trees, it proves to be quite the ...