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The Art of Making Wooden Jewelry
By: Admin    December 29 2016 , 05:56 pm
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Category: Handmade , Jewelry , Woodworking
 Wood, as you know, delivers a plethora of purposes. In its original form as a tree, it serves to protect and beautify. From there it can be converted into anything from a house to paper to furniture, and so on. But here I want to focus on the specific use of wood as jewelry.There is more than one way to make wooden jewelry, but I want to focus on the amazing benefits of using wood for jewelry and to give you some of the simple tools and materials needed for the project. First, when you make wooden jewelry, it gives you the opportunity to put otherwise useless scraps of wood to good use by making something beautiful. Using wood for jewelry is also great because wood is lightweight, it is easy to work with, and it is abundant, cheap, and natural. It makes for great projects and even better gifts.From bangles to necklaces, earrings to rings: you can make them all with wood. I have collected a list o...