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Preventing Woodpecker Damage
By: Admin    March 29 2017 , 02:13 pm
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Category: Birds , Nature , Advice , Plant Care
While most birds are a welcome addition to anyone’s garden, there is the rare exception of the woodpecker. Woodpeckers are – as their name suggests – notorious for boring holes into wood, which includes trees, garages, and even people’s homes.  This eye-catching bird is attracted to the sap and insects inside wood, so your trees are a target for them.  You will know you have woodpeckers in your yard if you hear them. The loud pecking noise is difficult to miss. They are also very distinctive-looking birds, some of the males appearing with a noticeable red head, and all of them with a useful beak and sturdy tail feathers to aid them in climbing trees and extracting insects or sap with their long tongues.Most of the time, tree damage caused by woodpeckers is minimal and the best thing to do is simply leave the holes alone. Occasionally however, the damage to the tree can be extensive en...