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Starting an At-Home Nursery Business
By: Admin    August 19 2018 , 09:57 pm
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Category: Gardening , Business
Want to put your green thumb to work? If you have a passion for all things green, then the plant nursery business could be for you! Starting and managing an at-home nursery is a very rewarding business. With the right attention, it can be very profitable and the convenience of being right in your backyard cannot be beat. Here are some tips to get started. Tips and Tools of the Trade Make sure you have the necessary land to grow plants, and then decide which plants you will grow in your nursery. It is a good idea to specialize in plants that are in demand and cannot be found at local garden centers. This will help generate more business for you. Many gardeners depend on nurseries to have more unique choices than big box stores. You will want to consider things like growth time, how easy it is to care for the plant, and curb appeal. Not every person coming into your nursery ...
Team Building Activities
By: Admin    May 16 2018 , 08:00 am
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Category: Work , Entertainment
Team building exercises are common among workplaces. The purpose is to help increase team performance, motivation, networking, collaboration skills, and communication. It can be a very useful tool! Since the weather is warming up, you and your co-workers may be starting to catch a bit of spring fever. This is a great opportunity to spend some time out of the office and work on team building skills.Rock ClimbingIf your team is up for a real challenge, rock climbing has recently gained popularity as a team-building exercise. Not only will rock climbing excite your employees more than doing trust falls in the parking lot, but it is a fantastic way to get the blood pumping. A team that sweats together, stays together! Because there is a challenge involved, you can expect to see confidence levels increase when the team overcomes that challenge. Rock climbing takes a lot of trust, so if one of your goals is ...
Time Management for Telecommuting
By: Admin    March 09 2018 , 04:53 pm
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Category: Work , Office Life
Telecommuting is a growing trend. With so many benefits, it is easy to see why people are drawn to working from home. For telecommuters, your office can often be anywhere you have an internet connection. There is less money spent on gas from commuting, more time spent eating in the house instead of out, and less need for expensive business clothes. Telecommuters drive less, which means fewer car emissions – a plus for the environment. Telecommuters can frequently create their own schedules, though this can often be the most challenging part. When you work at home you are responsible for managing your own time.Avoiding DistractionsDistractions are probably the number one enemy of anyone working from home. Unlike your home, offices do not have televisions, books, and 24/7 access to the fridge. This can lead to a greater likelihood of being distracted throughout the work day. Multitasking may seem ...