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Team Building Activities
By: Admin    May 16 2018 , 08:00 am
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Category: Work , Entertainment

Team building exercises are common among workplaces.

The purpose is to help increase team performance, motivation, networking, collaboration skills, and communication. It can be a very useful tool!

Since the weather is warming up, you and your co-workers may be starting to catch a bit of spring fever. This is a great opportunity to spend some time out of the office and work on team building skills.

Rock Climbing

If your team is up for a real challenge, rock climbing has recently gained popularity as a team-building exercise.

Not only will rock climbing excite your employees more than doing trust falls in the parking lot, but it is a fantastic way to get the blood pumping. A team that sweats together, stays together!

Because there is a challenge involved, you can expect to see confidence levels increase when the team overcomes that challenge. Rock climbing takes a lot of trust, so if one of your goals is to build trust amongst your team, you can certainly accomplish that with this activity.

Archery Tag

For those that are not looking for something as extreme as rock climbing, another unique activity that will get you and your team outdoors and excited is archery tag.

Using foam-tipped arrows, you and your co-workers will divide into two teams and shoot at each other. The rules are very similar to paintball or dodgeball. The team with the most points or the team with the last man standing wins. You can duck and cover among objects to avoid getting hit, or to add an even more active element, you can try capturing the flag while playing archery tag!

Escape Rooms

Escape rooms are a new trend sweeping the nation, and they are quickly becoming a fun team-building option.

In this cooperative activity, a group of people sign up to be locked in a room together and try to figure out how to escape it together. The room is carefully littered with clues and puzzles, which will indicate to the group how to escape. The group must work together to properly identify the clues and get out. Most escape rooms will have an accompanying storyline – for example, the group could be spies, detectives, or criminals attempting to avoid getting caught. Popular themes include haunted mansions, swanky hotels, or murder scenes. If the group does not figure out how to escape within a certain amount of time, then it is game over!

Escape rooms work particularly well for team building amongst co-workers, because it involves similar goals that you might find in any company. As an example, an escape room group has to establish a common goal, similarly to how colleagues might have a common goal in selling a particular amount of product. In an escape room, each member of the group can use their unique skills to solve the puzzles. Most importantly, they all must work together to get out of the room, so cooperation is key.

Scavenger Hunts

Bring the joy of a childhood game into your adult world with an outdoor scavenger hunt.

You can promise rewards for the winner such as an extra 30 minutes on lunch break, primary parking for two weeks, or gift cards to local restaurants.

Make a game plan and divide into teams. Participants can wear team colors or take it a step further and dress in themed costumes! You can go the classic scavenger hunt route and find physical objects, or you can mix it up and try a photo scavenger hunt. Run around town taking funny photos on a race to see who will gather all of the requested photos first. 

All of these activities are exciting and are sure to make memories you and your co-workers will never forget! Team-building activities like these can help create bonds between colleagues and boost morale in the workplace. These are just a taste of the numerous activities you could try, and there are many more you can browse here. What team building exercises would you enjoy with your co-workers?

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Elena Patrice May 16,2018

Excellent! I love these kinds of articles!!

Paige Wadleigh May 16,2018

Yes! Fantastic write-up! These ideas can work with all kinds of groups. Thanks, GTH!

Randy Lee May 18,2018

I've been dying to try an escape room, they look so fun!