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The Benefits of Using a Reel Push Mower
By: Admin    May 24 2018 , 02:23 pm
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Reel push mowers are an underrated tool for lawn maintenance. 

Although the reel push mower was a popular invention at the time, it was quickly outranked and forgotten after the gas mower’s invention. 

The lawn mower was invented in 1830 and started being produced in the United States in 1868. At the time, the reel push mower was certainly a better alternative to using shears or a scythe to cut grass, but when the gas mower came along, the reel push mower lost popularity. However, reel push mowers still have their place in the world and have many benefits over a gas mower. 

Why Use a Reel Push Mower? 

Reel push mowers have plenty of enticing benefits, such as quietness, low maintenance needs, and eco-friendly results. 

Gas mowers are noisy and you have to take neighbors into consideration when cutting the grass. With a reel push mower, you can enjoy being outdoors more by hearing the sounds of nature or having a conversation with someone, not consumed by the noise of a motor. Plus, your neighbors will thank you for being able to sleep in on Saturday mornings!

Push mowers are cheaper than gas mowers. You can purchase a brand new reel push mower for about $100. A new gas mower can cost you $150 or more -- and if it is a riding mower, those can cost thousands. The big cost bonus to reel push mowers is that they do not require gas. These days, gas costs almost $3 to $4 per gallon in some areas. Unlike gas mowers, reel mowers do not require tune-ups or oil, so it is much cheaper to maintain.

Push mowers are simpler and easier to use than gas mowers. When it comes time to mow the grass, there is no need to break your back lugging a heavy gas mower out of the garage and  bending over to pull the starter cord. A reel mower is lighter and usually smaller, as it does not have a motor. It will be able to fit in a smaller area and when it is time to mow, you just push and go.

One of the biggest benefits with using a reel mower is the environmental factor. A reel mower does not require gas to run, so it does not give off any harmful emissions. On average, 800 million gallons of gas are used per year in the United States on gas mowers. A single gas mower gives off 88 pounds of carbon dioxide and 34 pounds of other harmful pollutants. These are just the statistics on the gas that is used. The amount of gas that is spilled per year trying to refill the tank is over 17 million gallons. Without having to purchase gas for a mower, you will save money and the environment.

As far as the maintenance, the basic guidelines for a reel mower are to keep the blades clean and free of excess grass clippings, store it in a dry area where it will not rust, and sharpen the blades occasionally to ensure your lawn looks neat. Keeping a gas mower includes tune-ups, checking the oil, gas, air filters, spark plugs, and more depending on the type of mower you have.

Reel mowers are a great conversation starter. On top of all the benefits a reel mower already has, the stories and history they hold only serves to add to their appeal. Your parents or grandparents are sure to get a kick out of seeing you pull a classic reel mower out of the garage on a summer morning. Would you consider switching to a push reel mower?

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