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The Ultimate Pruning Guide
By: Admin    June 01 2018 , 02:19 pm
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Category: Gardening

Spring is a very important time to get those pruning shears out!

Managing your trees and plants is integral to having a successful garden. Using Gardener’s Path’s excellent, detailed guide, let us go through the steps you can take to ensure a safe, successful endeavour in pruning.

The best aspect of this guide is simply the fact that they go over everything you need to know. They have sections for what pruning is, why it is important, the tools you will need to use, and how to go about pruning all the individual trees, bushes and plants you might encounter. This makes it ideal for beginners who have never had the experience of pruning, but also makes a fantastic reference guide for more experienced landscapers who may need a refresher course on the subject.

Gardener’s Path Guide Overview

For our readers who care about their yards and trees, we think this guide is perfect for you! Here are some specific points this article makes that are particularly helpful.

Defining Pruning

The first section of this article, after the introduction, covers the exact definition of pruning. While you probably already know what that is, Gardener’s Path goes into incredible detail about the different kinds of budding too. This provides an extremely clear picture of what lack of pruning does to the life in your backyard. The longer you wait, the more severe the cut back will be once you get to the task.

The Argument For and Against Pruning

Another aspect that the article covers well is the counterargument from people who say pruning goes against “the natural growth pattern of the plant and has potential to truly damage the plant, opening up a cut that allows disease to flourish.” Gardener’s Path explains that logically, the plants in a controlled environment like a garden have to coexist peacefully – meaning they may need some pruning and shaping. It also does promote healthy growth, especially if you cut away dead or sick parts of the plant.

Pruning Different Plants

Lastly, we really love that the article covers pruning for all kinds of different bushes, plants, and trees. Not everything needs to be cut back the exact same way, so knowing the difference between pring a shrub or hybrid roses could really make a huge difference in how your garden thrives.

We hope you enjoy this informative guide from Gardener’s Path as much as we did! If you have read it, what did you enjoy the most? What information was the most helpful?

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Todd Turner Jun 04,2018

Great blog, and a great article too! Very nice.

Kevin Brady Jun 05,2018

Pruning is definitely an activity that should be taken more seriously. This is a great guide for that! Thanks GTH!