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Time Management for Telecommuting
By: Admin    March 09 2018 , 04:53 pm
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Category: Work , Office Life

Telecommuting is a growing trend.

With so many benefits, it is easy to see why people are drawn to working from home.

For telecommuters, your office can often be anywhere you have an internet connection. There is less money spent on gas from commuting, more time spent eating in the house instead of out, and less need for expensive business clothes. Telecommuters drive less, which means fewer car emissions – a plus for the environment. Telecommuters can frequently create their own schedules, though this can often be the most challenging part. When you work at home you are responsible for managing your own time.

Avoiding Distractions

Distractions are probably the number one enemy of anyone working from home.

Unlike your home, offices do not have televisions, books, and 24/7 access to the fridge. This can lead to a greater likelihood of being distracted throughout the work day. Multitasking may seem like a great idea, but if you attempt to work while performing a household chore, one of those tasks is not going to be done properly. If family members are in the house during the day as well, they need to understand that even though you are at home you are also at work. When it is time for work, it is best to devote yourself in a space free of distractions. Having a dedicated home office area is a great idea for ensuring productivity.

Staying Organized

It can be easy to mix work life and home life when they are under the same roof, especially if you are the type to change up your work environment.

One day, you could be working in your bedroom. The next day, you might work from the kitchen table and on another day, you might work outside of the house in a coffee shop. Papers or important files can get strewn about with no central location. Even if you do not have a home office, it is a good idea to dedicate at least a drawer or a filing cabinet to give all of your professional items a home.

Beyond keeping your supplies and files organized, remember to organize your time as well. This means keeping a calendar – digital or paper – and getting your sleep schedule together. It can be very tempting to sleep in most days when the only place you have to be is a few feet from your bed. However, after a few occasions of sleeping in and working late nights as a result, you will soon learn the meaning of “the early bird gets the worm.”

A highlight of working at home is stress-free mornings; you can enjoy your mornings without the typical rush that commuters experience. Decide what time you will start work, end work, and what breaks you will take for yourself. You will figure out what schedule works best for you and is the most productive over time.

Working at home can be incredibly rewarding. A frequent argument that you will hear against telecommuting is that you will not get out of the house enough and socialize, so be certain to make time to see your friends and family. Cabin fever can happen – it is even more important for telecommuters to change up their environment. Would you ever consider working from home?

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Paige Wadleigh Mar 12,2018

I've been working from home for about 1 1/2 years and absolutely love it! I never seriously considered working from home before, but always thought it would be nice. It's better than nice! All the tips presented here in this blog are spot on! Avoiding distractions is #1. When the kids are at school, it's much easier to stay focused, but on tough days, even a quiet house doesn't help. If I find I'm mentally distracted I take a 15 min break away from the computer, eat a healthy snack, and do something completely different from work. That 15 min helps me to get those mental distractions out and ready to refocus and be productive. My husband also works from home. Often he will set an alarm clock for 15-20 min and devote that time for focused and very productive work. When the alarm goes off, he'll take 5 min to unwind and allow himself to be distracted. Then he starts all over again. I have yet to try that method! Anyone else tried this?

Kristen Pesta Mar 12,2018

Yes! The fifteen minute break is vital!!

Kristen Pesta Mar 12,2018

I love this article! When I tell people I work at home they immediately assume it's super easy or that I don't do anything. Time management is EVERYTHING.

Jessica Wood Mar 15,2018

Ah, it's a dream of mine to work at home one day! It sounds lovely.