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My Life Downhill
Matthew Deitch
Oct 04,2016
Four wheels, two metal hangers, and a piece of wood are all that keep me afloat on the two-lane blacktop as I hurtle down a Colorado ridgeline. I can see the Boulder Flatirons rising to my right as I careen down to the canyon lined with fir, spruce, and pine. I am low and compact on my skateboard; head first I slice through the air at upwards of 70 mph. The connection between the asphalt track and urethane wheel grows more turbulent with acceleration and the sonic force swells from an audible hiss to a thunderous cacophony.Racing towards a sharp, blind left turn lined by cliff and guardrail I put one gloved hand on the ground and thrust my board sideways. The wheels grind against the pavement shedding the majority of my speed in a matter of seconds. As I regain traction I dive towards the apex fighting for every ounce of velocity I can muster. When I take my board to the the mountaintop everything exce...
Don’t Fear The Reaper: Working With The Hottest Peppers On Earth
Matthew Deitch
Oct 03,2016
In the world of spicy chilies there are two categories of peppers: hot and super hot. At Smoking J’s Fiery Foods Fiery Foods and Farm we specialize in the latter. Rare and dangerous peppers such as the Fatalii, Bhut Jolokia Ghost, Trinidad Scorpion, and the famed Carolina Reaper, the hottest pepper in the world, are grown in abundance and processed into a variety of products cherished by both the avid spice lover and companies looking to add a healthy dose of heat to their products. Working as an assistant manager and kitchen assistant at Smoking J’s has been both an extreme and exhilarating employment adventure. While my journey with peppers began at the start of this season, the story of Smoking J’s goes back over a decade.When Joel Mowrey, owner and founder of Smoking J’s Fiery Foods, bought his Candler, North Carolina farm in 2003, peppers were no more than a hobby. At the time Joel operate...

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